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Altaratz, Doron
Visual Portals of Reality: User Agency and Remote Sensing of Post-Processing Photography

Bareman, Karin
Archaeology of a Scandal – The Curious Case of Stacy Kranitz

Barromi-Perlman, Edna
Visual Struggle for Gender Egalitarianism in Judaism in Israel

Bellmer, Rasmus. Möller, Frank. Saugmann-Andersen, Rune
Photography, Sensor Realism and Criticality

Boogh, Elisabeth. Hartig, Kajsa. Jensen, Bente. Wallenius, Anni
Collecting the ephemeral – social digital photography and the photographic archive

Buse, Peter
Ludic Photography

Cambre, Carolina. Lavrence, Christine
Seeing selfies with a “digital forensic gaze”: Filter This!

Carville, Justin
Theorizing Photo-remittances: Counter-streaming Vernacular Photography & Diaspora

Faber, Jack
Bird’s-eye view: from surveillance to the verge of extinction – Critical narratives of interspecies relations in contemporary drone and nature photography

Fisher, Andrew
The critical photographic assemblage of contested landscapes in Miki Kratsman’s and Shabtai Pinchevsky’s Anti-Mapping Project

Flood, David
#Kalasatama: Discursive views of the Helsinki skyline through a virtual window

Frosh, Paul
How to Take a Photo: Cultural Memory and Photography’s Expanded Field

Gaál, Miklos. Kaila, Tuukka
What happens in the dark. Printing photographs in the darkroom as artistic expression

Germen, Murat
Photography visually defines material environments, can it physically?

Heurling, Julia
Momentarily meaningful units – reflections on sequence and temporal contextualisation

Hingley, Liz
Visualising Keys to Home – the role of the SIM card in refugee resettlement

Junker, Monika
Stadtgang (City walk)

Juntunen, Petri
Place as Palimpsest – Politics of Iconoclasm and Repositories of Infamy

Kaipainen, Sini
What Does a Close Reading Have to Do With Exploring the Meanings of Photojournalistic Self-presentation on Instagram?

Khonsari, Shahriar. Saber, Nazi Navabi. AhmadzadehAsl, Mazdak
Instagram Photographs for Social Change

Klein, Susanne
Colour without Colour

Kopelman, Sara
Enduring Memories: Photographed GIFs and the Smartphone Album

Krabbe Meyer, Mette Kia
Spitting and Kissing. Transforming emotions in a meme during the socalled Refugee Crises in 2015

Luczak, Dorota
The Digital Reproduction of Art and The Self-Performative Practices

Mäenpää, Jenni
Distributing ethics: Filtering images of death at three news photo desks

Malis, Jon
Turning Away From The Crowds: Transitory Space as Aesthetic Inquiry

Mangalanayagam, Nina. Wolthers, Louise
Glitch, Camouflage and In-betweenness

Michałowska, Marianna
Towards nature – photography as a reflection on anthropocene

Mooney, Suzanne
Glass: A subtance to look at, not through

Myllylä, Salla
Set free – deep etching as visual strategy, professional practice and aesthetic gesture

Närhinen, Tuula
DEEP TIME DEPOSITS – Mudlarking Blueprints of the River Thames

Niemelä-Nyrhinen, Jenni
Photography as Play

Nikrus, Pekka
Using works of art as epistemological devices

Panagiotou, Christos. Yiannacou, Dimitris
The political aesthetics of subversion in photography

Pasanen, Pauliina
Criticality in documentary workshops

Reis, Cláudio
(at)stephen.shore: toward the validation of the networked notational impulse

Seppälä, Mia
Entrance removal

Simatzkin-Ohana, Liron
When Selfie Culture Meets Commercial Stock Photography: Who is the “Self” in Stock Photography Selfies?

Simonsen, Anne Hege
Let’s talk about it! A quest for visual literacy among the bumps and humps of fake photographs and misread truths

Szebeni, Zea. Salojärvi, Virpi
Picturing Populism in Hungary – Visual Analysis of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s Instagram photographs

Tammi, Maija. Pälviranta, Harri
One Picture Manifesto

Uusitalo, Niina
Problematics of critical climate practices on Instagram

Whitlock, Richard
Altering space-time in photographic images: Can time have more than one dimension?

Zohar, Ayelet
The Materiality of the Photograph in a World of Flux of Images

Östlind, Niclas
The Agency of Artistic Research (in Photography)