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Aitken, Mark
Presence of Absence The Silence of Photography and the Landscape of Trauma

Altaraz, Doron
Digital Seance: Fabricated Encounters with the Dead

Arets, Danielle
Humanizing the Invisible: A Call for Destigmatized Photography of Homeless Young Adults

Arlander, Anette
Repeat, Revisit, Recreate – Revisit, Recreate, Reflect

Athanasiadou, Alexandra
Bring out the ‘Waves’: Unleashing the Power of the Image Across the Board, Almost

Babnik, Jan
Evidentiality, Interfaces and Photography: Rough Guidelines for Contemporary Factography

Basu, Soma
Violent Images and Parasitic Memories

Beswick, Emily
Family Photos in Contact: Reflections on a Participatory Research Project With East and South East Asian Individuals in Liverpool

Boase, Will
Talking to Strangers

Buse, Peter
Of Medals and Models: An Archaeology of Photographic Competitions

Chuk, Natasha
Ontologies of AI photography

Danzig, Alexandra
The Photographic Palimpses: Erasure and Digital Photography

Flood, David
Empathising with Views of the Landscape

Friis Reitan, Erik

Gerling, Winfried
Self InterFaces on Screen

Glissmann, Pascal
Atlas of Speculative Mineralogy

Hazekamp, Risk
Unlearning Photography: Listening to Cyanobacteria

Heikkinen, Juulia. Mariluoto, Taina. Malafaia, Carla
The Power of Layering: Politicizing Climate Emergency on Visual Social Media

Hu, Yue
Humanscape’ in Geopoetics – Visual Diagnosis of Reclaimed Landscapes by Walking

Ibañez Sandoval, Marita
Photomontage as a Mirror: Reflecting Latin American Migratory Narratives in Japan

Junker, Nica
Changing Models

Juntunen, Petri
Assetography – Reframing Photorealism: An Inquiry into the Use of Digital Assets in Virtual Photography

Jussila, Utu-Tuuli
Self-Portraits of Non-Binary People, Queer Utopias in the Studio (and Beyond)

Klein, Suzanne
Capturing More Than a Moment

Kopelman, Sara
The Decisive Movement”: The Photojournalistic GIF in Online News

Liebenberg, Nina
Curating Disciplinary Connections

Little, Eileen

Lambouris, Nicolas
Propaedeutics on Memorial Structures: The Monument, the Image, and the Nation

Maimon, Vered. Boshi, Roi
Towards a New Political Imaginary: Drone Images of the 2023 Israeli Pro-Democracy Protests

Masarik, Jozef Eduard
Frances Glessner Lee – the Truth As Opposed to Photography

Mercer, Sam. Frosh, Aries
Architecture of Immersivity

Miesenböck, Gerlinde
„autres“ – About Not Photographing Others

Miyasaka, Shinji. McLeod, Gary
Yokai in the Machine: Reconsidering a Gesture of 3D Scanning in Modelling Formative Qualities of Artwork for the Visually Impaired

Mooney, Suzanne
Flashes of Unruly Light

Mäenpää, Jenni. Voronova, Liudmila.
The Future of Visual Journalism in Finland, Russia, and Sweden. Working With Photographs As Visual Truths

Nikrus, Pekka
Light as an Environmental Phenomenon in the Context of Achieving a Photograph

Nolan, Ellen
The Embodied Archive

Närhinen, Tuula
Vestiges of Material-to-Material Contact – Exploring the Paradigm of Experimental One-to-One Analogue Imprints

Neves, Sónia
Transferring the Eye: Empowering Young Women Through Photography

Niemelä-Nyrhinen, Jenni. Lehmuskallio, Asko
There Is No Technical Fix to Trusting Images: Negotiating Trust in Visual Social Media Use

Nilsson, Maria. Simonsen, Anne Hege
Accidental and Intentional Narrative Logics in Visual News From Ukraine

Nissinen, Laura
The Skeletons of Art

Palau, Laura
Sustainable Practices and Cures Towards Photography and the Natural Resources Used in Its Materialization

Panagiotou, Christos
Suspended Chronotopes: How the Photographic Work of Nadia Kalara and the Literary Work of Louisa Papaloizou Undermine the Dominant Modern Gaze on the Past

Schürmann, Anja
Human to Human. Tact as an Aesthetic Category in the Photobooks by Bruce Gilden and Andrzej Steinbach

Salojarvi, Virpi. Eronen-Valli, Maria
Victims or Survivors? Visual Rhetoric in Crowdfunding Campaigns in Times of Crisis

Soares, Miro
Memory Pool: Found photography as material for a contextual practice

Stevanin, Federika
The ‘Contact of Models’ in the Work of Paulo Nazareth and Joiri Minaya

Stylianou-Lambert, Theopisti. Stefani, Elisavet
Talking Hands

Surdam, Arden
Interpositive, Internegative

Tainio, Matti
Imagining Darkness

Terrill, Simon
Crowd as Image, Crowd as Method

Tente, Christina
The Anti-Social Photo. On Encounters With Press Photography of Crisis on Instagram

Toister, Yanai
Seeing and Sensing

Treccani, Carloalberto
A Noise-Free Moon: Noise-Cancelling Technologies for Smartphone Cameras

Triaška Stefanovič, Olja
Curating the Non – Aligned Movement: Archives and Artistic research practices

Uusitalo, Niina
Photographing Hauntings of Styrofoam Waste

Van IJken, Judith
The Familial Portrait – Extended Abstract

Wagner, Karin
The Type Specimen and the Negative: The Concept of the Model in Photography and Botany

Whitlock, Richard
Alternative Perspective Models for Moving Pictures

Yavuz, Ozan
Photo to Text and Text to Image Dynamics: Reality in Traditional and Contemporary Models

Yiu, Sheung
Hyperimage: Imaging Practices on a Larger-Than-Human Scale

Yurenev, Alexey
On Present and Absent Photographs as the Silent Heroes of Synthetic and Social Memories

Zehavi, Ohad
Foreverock: An Untimely Meditation on Photography and the Eternal Return

Zettergren, Rut Karin
780 nm – Beyond Perception

Zhang, Joan
As a Mirror: A Problem of Intimacy in Contemporary Japanese Photography From Masahisa Fukase’s Yoko

Ziegner, Kai
How To Voice the Unspeakable: A Critical Exploration of My Grandparents’ Past

Zohar, Ayelet
Contact, Impact and Indexicality: An Alternative History of Japanese Photography