2012: The Inaugual Conference

The Helsinki Photomedia conference was created to fill a void: there was no regular international conference for photography studies. In its current state of rapid transformation and diversification photography shows rich cultural potential, and photography research is gaining new importance. Three new referred journals have started since 2008, Photographies, Photography & Culture, and Philosophy of Photography. Books and articles abound, and the general high tide of photography definitely requires new thinking, new methods, and new theories. Finland has been a good example of this rising interest in photography studies. Since 1993 there have been over 30 published doctoral dissertations about photography.

The Helsinki Photomedia conferences, with a broad theme, encompassed as many facets of contemporary photography research as possible. The aim of the conference was to create a venue for multiple views on photography. “Expanded image”, “Photography 2.0”, “digital ethos” and “collaborative turn in contemporary photography” are some themes discussed at the conference.

For more, seeĀ Photographies 6(1) (2013): Special issue on Helsinki Photomedia 2012