Adel Abidin


“My art uses various media such as videos, video installations, multimedia sculptures and sound based installations and photography to explore the issues of the contemporary world that we are living in. My main point of departure is always linked to my intention to explore the complex relationship between visual art and politics & identity. Using a sharp palette of irony and humour I find myself gravitated towards different social situations dealing with elusive experiences and cultural alienation.

I use my cross-cultural background (as an Iraqi artist living between Helsinki and Amman) to create a distinct visual language often laced with sarcasm and paradox, while maintaining an ultimately humanistic approach. This sarcasm I use is nothing but a medium of provocation to serve the purpose of extending the mental borders of the artwork beyond the limits of the exhibition space. I am always interested in creating opportunities to prolong the discussions beyond my artwork by enabling the audience to convey mental elements from the work into their daily life.

Moreover, I always find the words ‘politics’ and ‘identity’ more than a terminology or a path that I travel in, as they unfold to other concepts like discrimination, mass media manipulation etc”.  

Adel Abidin was born in Baghdad (1973) and currently resides in Helsinki. He received a B.A. in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad (2000) and an M.F.A from the Academy of Fine Arts in Time and Space Art in Helsinki (2005).

He has been represented in galleries including: Hauser & Wirth Gallery, London (2013) and his work continues to be well represented in major private and public collections.

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