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Helsinki Photomedia 2012 'Photography between "Art" and "Craft" in Mali' Abstract
Daniel Thorpe, Daniel Thorpe
Helsinki Photomedia 2014 21st Century Visual Storytelling: Opening the doors to visible and connected learning Abstract
Jonathan Shaw
Helsinki Photomedia 2014 A Black Dog Came Calling Abstract
John Darwell
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 A Coming Together: Photography and Embroidery in Contemporary Art. Abstract
Jane Vuorinen
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 A Heritage of Sorrow: On Katarina Pirak Sikku’s art and archival research Abstract
Anna Rådström
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 A (My) History of Violence - An Autobiographic Self-Experiment Abstract
Kai Ziegner
Helsinki Photomedia 2014 A question of newspaper visuality: Photojournalism in a Swedish newspaper, 1995-2015 Abstract
Ingela Wadbring, Maria Nilsson
Helsinki Photomedia 2014 About Golden Age Abstract
Maija Blåfield
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Abstraction and Absence: On the Limits of Photographic Materiality Abstract
Heather Diack
Helsinki Photomedia 2012 Aesthetics of Violence: A reflection on the ethics and politics of aesthetics in conflict zone photography Abstract
Mia Hannele Hannula
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Affordances of Everyday Photography: actual, perceived and projected Abstract
Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Agency in Photography. Exploring Photography as Performative Abstract
Bettina Lockemann
Helsinki Photomedia 2012 Al Bidiya Mosque in Fujairah, UAE “A VESSEL OF CULTURAL AND RELIGIOUS HERITAGE IN THE EMIRATES TODAY” A phenomenological photographical Study Abstract
Marco Vinicio Sosa
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Algorithmic Future of History of Photography Abstract
Rana Simber Atay Eskier
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 Algorithms of Truth: Photographic Practices in Video Games and the Politics of Representation Abstract
Marco De Mutiis
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 An approach to the History of Photography from a wide set of record covers that circulate through the WWW. Abstract
Jose Carneiro
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 Analysis of the visibility of Bedouin women in the Negev, as reflected in the private photographic archive of Dr. Ben-Assa, an Israeli physician. Abstract
Edna Baromi Perlman
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 ANLATSAM ROMAN OLUR / The best novels are written by life Abstract
Ülkü Süngün
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Annie Leibovitz 1997-2002: Standing Next to the World's Most Famous Photographer as the World of Photography Changed Abstract
Timothy Hossler
Helsinki Photomedia 2016 Approaching photography on social media Abstract
Simon Faulkner
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 Appropriating Selfies on Facebook: A Postphenomenological Case Study in the Post-truth Era Abstract
Richard S Lewis
Helsinki Photomedia 2012 Arab spring and the war in Libya as test fields for new kind of reporting with images Abstract
Anssi August Männistö
Kaisu Anitta Taskinen
Helsinki Photomedia 2018 Archival Diplomatics as a Strategy of Authentication for Social Media Images Abstract
Jessica Bushey
Armenoui Kasparian Saraidari
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