Helsinki Photomedia Programme 2018

Monday 26 March 2018

10.00–11.50 Registration, lunch buffet

11.50 Opening words, Merja Salo

12.00–13.30 Keynote: Robert Hariman & John Lucaites:  Photography and the Failures of Language

13.30–14.00 Coffee

14.00-16.00 Parallel Sessions 1

Photography and Knowledge

Aspects of Photographic Data

Visual Information and Counter Information

Photography and Knowledge 

Formation of Truths I

Bethany Berard: What Makes a Photograph True: Public Applications of Humanist and Post-Humanist Arguments of Visual Truth

Jenni Kristiina Mäenpää: Examining skilled vision in the work of news photo editors

Zsolt Batori: The relevance of indexicality for interpreting photographs

Anne Lill Rajaa & Matteo Stocchetti: Image is Dead – On Photography in the Post-Truth Era 

Apparati Old and New I

Edgar Gomez & Asko Lehmuskallio: Inter-faces: Visual constellations converging screens and faces

Winfried Gerling: The Screenshot as a tool of evidence

Wolfgang Brueckle: Taken on the Spot Paradoxes of Eyewitnessing and the Postphotographic Apparatus

Markus Juvonen & Samuli Siltanen: Digital image denoising: relationship between the noisy and the true image


Visual Activism

Evelyn Runge: Political Visual Activism and the Epistemology of Counter-Images: Photo-Journalistic Collectives in Israel and Palestine

Virpi Salojärvi: Varied visual representations of “us” in opposition’s demonstrations in Venezuela 2017

Ilija Tomanic Trivundza: Face(ing) of hate speech: Photography and (i)legibility in post-truth era

Morgan K Johnson: Citizenship and Complicity in Photos of Ferguson

Parnian Ferdossi: Invisible in Photographic Visibility 


Vernacular Portraiture and Albums

Charlotte Tegan & Tricia King: The Album Paradigm: an intersection of function and contemporary image technology

Karin Becker & Geska Helena Brečević: Questioning the transparency of truth: The foto-escultura then and now

Olga Shevchenko & Oksana Sarkisova: “The Art Has Ended, Documents Remain”: Soviet-Era Family Photographs in Contemporary Art

Maija Tammi: The truth of portraits: case study of an android


16.00–16.30 Coffee

16.30-18.30 Parallel Sessions 2

Photography and Knowledge

Photography and Knowledge 

Photography and Knowledge

Strategies of Authentication  

Formation of Truths II

Andreia Alves de Oliveira: The Burden of Proof: Photographic Evidence and Procedural Truth

John Hillman: Changing lenses: photography as counterfactual thinking

Manos Tsakiris, Ruben Azevedo & Sophie De Beukelaer: ‘Feeling in seeing’ is believing: visceral reactivity as a precursor to veracity judgments of photojournalistic images

(Workshop) Joanna Kedra, Gustavo Racy, Asko Lehmuskallio & Paolo Favero: Social scientific perspectives on 'photographic truth'

Experimental Epistemologies

Doris Gassert: Un/stable Images

Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger: Unidentified Flying Objects in a Gallery Space

Harri Laakso: Light of a different order. Photography coming and going after the post-truth condition 

Women in History

Edna Baromi Perlman: Analysis of the visibility of Bedouin women in the Negev, as reflected in the private photographic archive of Dr. Ben-Assa, an Israeli physician.

Anne Hege Simonsen: Photographing Marie – the truth reconsidered through the private/public dimension in newspaper portraits of Marie Hamsun

Azadeh Fatehrad: Lost History and the Effect of the Found Image

Azra Rashid: Naristhan/Ladyland: A research-creation Project


Documentary Practices Reconsidered

Synne Skjulstad & Charlotte Bik Bandlien: DRIB

Linda Maria Thompson: Embracing visual code-switching; Reflections on the strengths and perils of working in-between

Kerstin Hamilton: Exploring Experimental Documentary

Cesar Adrian Reyes Hernandez: Farewell to veritas? Alternatives for contemporary documentary photography


18.30–19.30 Welcome Reception

Tuesday 27 March 2018

9.00–10.30 Parallel Sessions 3

Photography and Knowledge

Aspects of Photographic Data

Visual Information and Counter Information

Photography and Knowledge


Formation of Truths III

Katrin Joost: Photographic Post-Truth: from Idealised Perception to the Priority of the Image

Bernt Eide: Images as abstractions

(Workshop) Carolina Cambre, Crystal Abidin & Katie Warfield: t do methods let us see? Epistemologies of Photographic Methods 


Apparati Old and New II

Tracy Piper-Wright: The value of uncertainty: The photographic error as embodied knowledge

Stella Baraklianou: Post-photography and magic 

Rowan Lear: ‘Make Your Kodak Autographic’: photography as computation and the algorithmic labour of the home photographer 


Social Agendas and Photography

Birgit Mersmann: Whose Experience Whose Truth? Authentication Strategies and Insider-Witnessing Practice in Photodocumentaries on Migration

Uschi Klein: What is a photograph really ‘of’? The photographic images of young male adults with ASD

Liisa Söderlund: Homeless photographed homelessness – strategy to make the issue visible and credible

Archives and Platforms

Nicolas Lambouris: Constructing Heroic Narratives: Photographic Archives of Cypriot Memorial Monuments

Jessica Bushey: Archival Diplomatics as a Strategy of Authentication for Social Media Images

10.30–11.00 Coffee

11.00–13.00 Parallel Sessions 4

Photography and Knowledge

Aspects of Photographic Data

Strategies of Authentication

Evidence and Testimony


Artistic Exposures I: Places

Andreas A Valentin: “Berlin<>Rio: Routes and Memories”: Documents, Monuments, Histories.

David Michael Flood: Picturing Globalised Space

Ali Faruk Taptik: Photography as an Architectural Research Tool: Social and Spatial Entanglements in Osmanbey

David Molander: Creative commons and online representations of space – An artistic reflection on the project Teufelsberg and 5Pointz. 


Games and Selfies

Marco De Mutiis: Algorithms of Truth: Photographic Practices in Video Games and the Politics of Representation

Vladimir Rizov: Towards an Understanding of Video Game Photography

Richard S Lewis: Appropriating Selfies on Facebook: A Postphenomenological Case Study in the Post-truth Era

Christine Lavrence & Carolina Cambre: Selfies and post-truth ambivalence


Documentary Artistic Exposures

Jon Malis: Reclaiming My (Photographic) Memories

John Darwell: Sharks in My Bathroom

Olli Hellmann: The visual politics of corruption: turning the invisible into photographic knowledge

Ülkü Süngün: ANLATSAM ROMAN OLUR / The best novels are written by life


Iconic Images Reworked

Æsa Sigurjónsdóttir: Dismantling photographic epistemologies and bureaucratic “truths” in the intimacy of the visual archive

Jose Carneiro: An approach to the History of Photography from a wide set of record covers that circulate through the WWW

Ayelet Zohar: Photojournalism, Re-enactment, and Post-Truth: Morimura Yasumasa's Re-enactments of 20th c. Photographs of Assassination 

Daniel Ioan Mihalcea: Photographs of the Miners’ Raids: from icons to memes in the visual public sphere

Bettina Lockemann: NOW and AGAIN. Photographic fore and afterimages 

13.00–14.00 Lunch

14.00–15.30 Keynote: Barbie Zelizer: On Agreeing Not to See: Invisibility in the “Post Truth” Era

15.30–16.00 Coffee

Evening Programme:

16.15 Walk to Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art

17.00 Kiasma Introduction

17.00–18.00 Visit to Kiasma Exhibitions (Entrance with Conference Badge)

18.00–21.30 Helsinki Photomedia 2018 Dinner at Kiasma Cafe (Only with pre-reservation)

Wednesday 28 March 2018

9.00–10.30 Parallel Sessions 5

Photography and Knowledge

Aspects of Photographic Data

Aspects of Photographic Data

Photography and Education  

Artistic Exposures II

Andrew Dearman: The Degraded Self: Post Truth and the 'Family' Photograph

Kai Ziegner: A (My) History of Violence - An Autobiographic Self-Experiment

Hanna Timonen: Serial photography and accumulation: collecting personal truths


Instagram Images

Adolfo Muñoz García & Ana Martí Testón: Photography and Post-reality: Alice behind Instagram

Cláudio Reis: Find your reality, the parafiction of life in social media photography

Sini Saila Marian Kaipainen: Professional identity in the post-truth era: Highlighted professionhood of photojournalist as performative testimony on Lynsey Addario’s Instagram account and her memoir “It’s What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War”

Apparati Old and New III

Louise Wolthers & Sarah Tuck: Drone Vision: Warfare, Surveillance and Protest

Robert Willim: The Look of Siri - Visual Manifestations of Digital Voice Assistants

Karin Wagner: Photography and 3d-models – truth in the realm of product imagery



Session I

Pauliina Pasanen: Researching Photo-Documentary Workshops in Post-Truth time

Patrik Åker: Photographic realism in the digital media age. Photojournalism and visual literacy in Russia and Sweden

Gary McLeod: Right Here Right Now: teaching rephotography in an era of ‘post truth’


10.30–11.00 Coffee

11.00–12.30 Artist Keynote: Walid Raad: Artist Talk

12.30–13.30 Lunch

13.30–15.30 Parallel Sessions 6

Photography and Knowledge

Evidence and Testimony 

Strategies of Authentication

Photography and Education  

Scale and Absence

Joana Martinho Bicacro: “This is what most of space looks like”: Visualizations of the planet Earth — from “Powers of Ten” to space travel and Earth selfies 

Ghada Sayegh: Missing images – the hiatus

Christopher Houghton: Country and Actuality: Decolonising the landscape through altered states of seeing - an ontology of slow photography



Sabine Kriebel: The Historicity of Post-Truth: The Art of Deception

Andrés Mario Zervigón: Photography and the Post-Truth Conditions of Germany's Weimar Era

Madeline Ferretti-Theilig: The Untruth of Photography: Tracing a Fault Line of Modern Photo Theory

Chinar Shah: Images from 2002 Gujarat Riots: post-truth and trauma

Ohad Zehavi: Revisiting the Revisiting of the 'Afghan Girl': A Quest for a Photographic Truth


Ethics of Eyewitnessing

Reuben Ross: Arrival by photograph: A critique of migration, photography and visual ethics

Frank Möller, Rune Saugmann & Rasmus Bellmer: The truth of the migrants: photography as counter-information in the context of migration

Maria Nilsson: The ethics of photographic eye-witnessing of a terror attack: Boundaries for images as proof in news and social media

Nadja Maria Köffler: The Iconography of Suffering – Thoughts on an Ethical Gaze on War Photography and Its Capacity to Stimulate Social Empathy

Session II

Julia Tedroff, Niclas Östlind, Svante Larsson & Björn Larsson: The construction of histories of photography in higher photography education – a study from the point of view of the practitioner

(Workshop) Joanna Kedra, Carolina Cambre & Edna Barromi Perlman: Post-disciplinary pedagogical routes through the photograph





15.30–17.00 Closing Gathering





Conference Venue:

Aalto University Töölö Campus, Main Building, Runeberginkatu 14-16, Helsinki

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